Homenagem a Pequim

Vídeo feito por estrangeiros “laowais” faz mais uma versão da música “Empire State of Mind“, só que desta vez homenageando Pequim. A canção original foi lançada em outubro de 2009 por Jay -Z e Alicia Key’s como homenagem a New York.

Você poderá saber mais sobre o vídeo  no blog do criador da versão Mark Griffith.


Yeah I’z up at Beida, now I’m down in Guomao,…
I started as a student, but I run the show now.
I’m the nouveau expat, livin’ in the CBD,
Ridin’ on my dianpingche, everybody stare at me.
It ain’t because I’m laowai, it’s probably cause I’m handsome,
Yeah I’m the only pimp wearing’ seer sucker pants, and,
Did my share of modelin, acted with Ge You,
I’m dropping mad tracks I be hotter than Jay Chou.
Cruisin’ down to Houhai, people drivin’ slow I,
Can’t believe the traffic or the awful drivin’ so I,
Hop onto the subway, the smell it ain’t so lovely,
But at just 2 kuai I don’t mind getting cuddly.
I say what up to Jintao, Hu defines the in crowd,
But don’t forget about Jiabao, when he gonna change his hairstyle.
My boys be chillin over there in Zhongnanhai
When I get the invite then I’ll know that I’ve arrived in…

In Beijing, commie jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing you can do
Now you’re in Beijing.
Taiqi will make you feel brand new
The sites will inspire you, let’s here it for Beijing, Beijing, Beijing.

Catch me wid my boys at Gongti at a Guo’an game
I made the Guo’an shirt more famous than the Guo’an can
Yeah I watch the Dragons, I’m court side at the Ducks,
Even though the halftime dancing show really sucks.
But that ain’t important; that ain’t why I came here.
I came for the history, like the Tiananmen Square,
Forbidden City, hutongs always gritty,
Tiantan is hoppin’, dancin’ like P Diddy.
15 million people, half the dudes is naked,
Pullin’ up their shirts, cause the summers they can’t take it.
Long fingernail pinky on the right hand,
Cause the left won’t pick your ear as well as the right one can.
Babies on the prowl defacating on the pavement;
I just wanna scowl, sayin’ son why don’t you save it.
But that’s the way it is, that’s how we do it here,
If you don’t like it you’re welcome to steer clear of…


Migrants they come here, kids they are shunned here,
Can’t get a hukou, so out of pocket health care.
No fear. They leave their kids for the year;
Grandparents take care, no one sheds a tear.
Gaokao it’s over, pressure done abated,
So off to university to get edumacated.
But he becomes jaded after he’s graduated,
Cause he can’t find a job that’s well compensated.
So he hops on Weibo, he surfs kaixin wang,
And he gets on Baidu to download my son.
Head to Dongdan, hoop it up forget your problems.
A plate of hot jiaozi on the corner might solve them.
We come here with dreams, then reality hits us.
Bendi, waidi, laowai drifters.
But we love the energy, that’s why this city’s great,
So we all work late to “protect the Eight” in…


One hand in the air for the old city.
Gugong, Bird’s Nest all lookin’ pretty.
No place in the world that can compare.
Fly your kites in the air everybody say Yeah, Yeah.

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